Transformational Coaching


Coaches work with clients, generally one-on-one, to explore dreams, needs, motivations, desires, skills and/or thought processes. The coaching relationship assists clients in making real, lasting change and achieving goals.

There are many different coaching philosophies and styles. I maintain confidentiality to increase trust and safety for the client and use thought-provoking questioning techniques to creatively encourage a client to identify goals, beliefs, solutions and actions. I see the client as the “expert” on their life and circumstances and the coaching relationship as a “tool” in service to the client’s agenda.

In collaborating with a coach, clients can identify:

  • Core values and goals
  • Motivations or barriers
  • Tangible action steps for increasing their ability to live a more intentional, meaningful life

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Coaching is not psychotherapy

Psychotherapy generally deals with problems, bad experiences or feelings with the goal of having the client become emotionally healthy by focusing on the dysfunction. The primary focus is healing.

Coaching’s focus, generally, is identifying and enhancing a person’s individual capabilities; looking at “what now?” and not “why” as in most therapeutic relationships.

Coaching deals with people who feel stuck or have a desire to be more effective or productive and live life more fully. The primary focus of coaching is evolving and manifesting potential. Healing is often a side affect.

Also, in coaching the coach and client are in partnership with the client always in charge and the coaching agenda focused on achieving the results the client wants.

In general, coaching can work for someone interested in learning how to:

  • Set and meet goals
  • Be intentional with actions
  • Take responsibility for behaviors and outcomes
  • Face challenges and learn from mistakes

The coaching relationship includes 2-4 scheduled hours a month and voice mail/e-mail support between coaching sessions.

Most coaching sessions occur via the phone.

My clients — even those locally — have found coaching via the phone can be more effective than in-person coaching for a variety of reasons. It can be:

  • Easier not to be distracted by our physical actions or surroundings
  • More efficient with the session beginning right away without extended social graces we might feel the need to practice in-person
  • Less inhibiting, and therefore easier to create trust and safety
  • Simpler to schedule sessions without commuting

I will schedule coaching sessions in-person if requested and as possible.

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