Improv to Improve


Improv to Improve uses group games and empowering questions to help make kids into better citizens! They learn to work toward a common goal while exploring self-awareness in a fun and safe space. We believe that the power of play allows students to develop life skills and concepts that might otherwise be difficult to learn in traditional settings.

Research has shown that improv can “promote spontaneity, intuition, interactivity, inductive discovery, attentive listening, nonverbal communication, ad‐libbing, role‐playing, risk‐taking, team building, creativity, and critical thinking.” (Crossan, 1998; Moshavi, 2001; Sawyer, 2004; Spolin, 1999).


Students are responsible for helping to create “agreements,” which are rules on how we all agree to behave in the shared space. This creates buy-in and accountability to and for one another.

We start with icebreakers to get students comfortable and warmed up. They will begin learning to sharpen their verbal and non-verbal communication skills.

As they become more comfortable taking risks, the games become increasingly challenging, requiring students to collaborate and think outside the box.

After each game, the facilitator debriefs with the students to find out what skill(s) they’ve learned.

We wrap up the workshop with reflections. Students will fill out an assessment form that allows us to see how we can improve the program. We finish with a closing circle where students share how they will incorporate these skills in the real world.

Improv to Improve workshops can be booked for:

  • Schools
  • Parties
  • Camps
  • Special occasions

Contact me to book an Improv to Improve workshop.